Resource Attacks

Resource attacks are a good starting point to start Chaos Engineering.

You can find out how your application behaves when the machine it is running on has a high CPU load, is running out of memory or is performing many IO operations.

All attacks can have a Host or a Container as their target, the configuration is the same.
If you are not using our container images for the agents, you need install the stress-ng tool to attack Hosts.

Stress CPU

Generate CPU load for one or more cores

WorkerHow many CPU cores should be consumed?2
CPU LoadHow many workers should be used to stress the CPU? (0 = 1 per core)80
DurationHow long should CPU be consumed?30s

Stress IO

Generate read/write operation on hard disks.

DurationHow long should IO be consumed?30s
WorkersHow many workers should continually write, read and remove temporary files? (0 = 1 per core)1

Stress Memory

Allocate a specific amount of memory. Note that this can cause systems to trip the kernel OOM killer on Linux if not enough physical memory and swap is available.

DurationHow long should memory be wasted?30s
PercentageHow much memory should be wasted?75
WorkersHow many workers should produce memory waste? (0 = 1 per core)1
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