The steadybit API allows to read experiment designs, executions and killswitch status. It also allows to run and cancel experiments and enables integration into CI/CD.

The base URL for the API is the same that you use for accessing the user interface.

A valid access token is required to issue requests to the API. Access tokens can be generated by admins or team owners via the user interface (Settings > Access Tokens).


Here is an example request to use the api with curl. It fetches all runnable experiment designs:

curl -H"Authorization: accessToken xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" https://platform.steadybit.io/api/experiments?runnable

OpenApi Specification

We provide a OpenApi 3.0 Specification for the API on https://platform.steadybit.io/api/spec.json. In case you are using our on-prem variant you can access it at http://<your-installation-url>/api/spec.json.

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